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A fun, challenging and unique approach to home HIIT training

AEGIS Fitness offers a new approach to keeping fit and healthy through martial arts techniques & knowledge and a unique accelerated training tool - The 'BEAT' System

AEGIS Fitness is a focusing on a holistic approach to physical health. Our programs will help develop cardio health, strength, mobility, flexibility and more. 

You don't need any martial arts experience to benefit and you can join in from the comfort of your own home!

Using our ‘BEAT’ Training System, we currently have BEATBoXX which is a mix of high intensity cardio & body weight functional training. As a member of AEGIS Fitness you will have access to our future BEAT Training System products & products currently under production which includes an Introductory Program for people new to BEATBoXX and new BEAT Training Systems such as BEATHIIT, BEATYoga and more!

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