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Building Confidence Through Martial Arts

It's no secret here at AEGIS Leeds South that a lack of confidence is what first brought me (Master Mitchell) to Martial Arts. I didn't know how to make my voice heard, and I didn't have any confidence in new situations. In fact, the first time I arrived at my old academy of AEGIS Leeds West I was too scared to go in, so I just hovered outside until Master Higo came and found me. I'm very pleased to say I've come a long way since then.

You might have heard the sayings "confidence is a learned skill" or "fake it till you make it" and I 100% believe those to be true!

Some people are naturally confident and that really is fantastic. Some of us have to work at it - and I can say without a doubt that training in Martial Arts has helped my confidence grow so much more than I ever thought was possible. It sounds a bit cliché but it really is true. As an instructor, it's now my goal to help as many people as possible build their own confidence.

Everyone loves a listicle, so here are some of the ways I found Martial Arts has helped my confidence, and the confidence of the students I've taught so far:

1.     Discipline and Mastery: Martial arts instils discipline through regular training, fostering self-control and determination. Students see their own their progress, reinforcing belief in their abilities. This belief then bleeds into every day life, making students more sure of themselves in all aspects of their lives

2.     Overcoming Adversity: Embracing challenges in martial arts builds resilience. Confronting fears and pushing limits fosters confidence in their ability to overcome obstacles. Whether it be dealing with bullies, learning how to speak their mind, or preparing for a potentially stressful work situation, those training in Martial Arts will feel more confident dealing with negative situations

3.     Physical Empowerment: Martial Arts promotes physical fitness, enhancing strength, flexibility, and coordination. As students feel their bodies getting fitter, healthier and stronger, their confidence and sense of self-worth grows.

4.     Mental Fortitude: Focus and concentration in Martial Arts develop a clear and disciplined mind. Students build the confidence to know right from wrong, to understand their own moral compass and to have the confidence to make the right choices in life.

5.     Community Support: AEGIS is a family, and our goal is to provide a safe environment where students encourage and support each other. This sense of community empowers students to step out of their comfort zones and embrace new opportunities, strengthening their confidence.

I could spend all day talking about this, but I think by now you've got the idea. No matter your age, ability or background, please consider Martial Arts if you or someone you know would benefit from developing their confidence.

The benefits of Martial Arts don't stop there though, so if confidence isn't an issue, keep an eye out for my next post - the benefits of Martial Arts for stress relief and emotional control.

Thank you for reading!

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