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What style of martial arts do you teach?

We teach the AEGIS system, a modern self defence martial arts system, with foundations in biomechanics, kickboxing, boxing and jiujitsu.  Our primary focal points are keeping our students safe through both physical training and all round life development.  For more information on how the AEGIS system came to be, head over to our About page.

I've trained in another martial arts style/system before, how does it work if I want to join AEGIS?

It's no problem at all, we often get students coming to us from other styles and systems.  Usually what we'll do is assess you over a period of time, and grade you in to the AEGIS system at a belt rank that matches your skill level specific to our system.

But before that, we'd arrange a private meeting with an instructor to find out more about your prior experience, your goals and how the AEGIS system can work for you.  Head over to the Contact page to get in touch

How often do your classes run, and how often do I need to attend?

We run classes four days a week (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday) for any student age 7+.

For our Ninja Tots, ages 3-6, we run classes 3 days a week (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday).

Students are welcome to pick and choose which classes they attend using our personalised booking system; we appreciate everyone has busy lives and shifting schedules so you're not tied in to attending the same days all the time.

Most students attend once or twice a week, some choose to attend more but there's no pressure.  Even once a week is better than not at all!

Do I need to have a certain fitness level?

No not at all.  We pride ourselves on being inclusive, adaptive and non-judgemental.  You'll see people of all shapes, sizes and abilities on our mats, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

So even if you're not very fit, not very flexible, maybe even sporting an injury, don't worry - we can adapt to your needs and do everything we can to ensure you feel confident every time you step on the mats!

Do I need to have trained in Martial Arts before?

Once again, no!  There are so many martial arts styles and systems that training in one doesn't automatically equate to proficiency in another, so it really doesn't matter at all if you've never done martial arts before.


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