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Martial Arts for the Entire Family

Parents; we’ve all been there. Your child gets home after their weekly sports training and is excited to tell you all about what they’ve been doing. Which is great, except you don’t take part with them so you don’t really know quite what they’re on about – just that whatever it is, they’re loving it.

Or maybe you’re getting tired of your kids falling out with each other All. The. Time. But equally you can’t really blame them. They’ve got so much energy and so many emotions, what other outlet do they have?

A mother and daughter training in martial arts together
Miss K and Miss J, AEGIS Family Members

Perhaps your scenario is a little different, and your family would love to spend more time together, if only you could find the *time*. Between x activity and y social event and z work schedule, maybe finding a time where nobody is busy doing one thing or another is the issue.

That’s where we come in; our Family Classes are specifically designed to be a space where the entire family can train together. Not only will training in martial arts boost fitness and confidence, it’s a great outlet for emotions and stress relief, and it helps build focus and discipline in children.

A father and daughter receiving their martial arts belts & certificates
Mr A and Miss L, Family Class Students

But most importantly, it means you and your family can bond and grow, sharing a very special journey together as you discover how martial arts training can enrich all of your lives.

We love helping families start their journey, whether you’re ready to get started or you’re just curious for a bit more information, get in touch with us!

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